View Full Version : Orange spray detailing stuff

01-27-2002, 12:14 PM
Descriptive subject huh?

On the subject of waxes, cleaners, polishes, and detailing sprays - I've never seen anyone talk about the orange (and maybe purple?) stuff people buy by the gallon and put in spray bottles.

I see this stuff at Hot Rod shows all the time. Often I see someone vigorously wiping down a car with Final-Inspection (Meguire's) or Eagle-One's equivilant, I think I've managed to see one or two people using Zaino Z16, but I always manage to see dozens of people with this orange stuff.

Yeah, I have consistantly failed to ask them what it is - but the cars are all top show winners with that million-dollar shine.

Anyone know what the stuff is, and how it works for regular cars, does it last, etc?