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04-23-2001, 10:37 AM
Just wondering what others use to clean and polish their British cars? Has anyone used "Dri-Wash-N-Guard" waterless carwash?

04-23-2001, 10:52 AM
I use Zymol for all vehicles, myself. OTOH, here's something I posted once on another board---

Felix and Oscar wash their cars...

Two guys -- let's call them Felix and Oscar, for no particular reason -- are washing their cars today. Let's see how each approaches the project:

A) a container.

Felix: Worried that a plastic or metal bucket might harbor impurities, he commissions a friend that does glass-blowing to fabricate a deep, thick-wall bowl, which he sterilizes before use.

Oscar: Finds a discarded toilet in neighbor's trash, tips it over to empty out the cigar butts and beer cans, but fails to
dislodge the headless 'action figure' jammed in the trap.

B) cleaning fluid

Felix: Carefully melts one full bar of women's soap for sensitive skin, adds in 4 drops of extra-virgin olive oil for lubrication, and a tablespoon of glycerin.

Oscar: Nothing on the basement shelf, which is on the floor now anyway, so he roots around in the kitchen wastebasket for the dregs of what's in nearly empty bottles. Finds a wee bit of Mr. Clean, some floor-wax stripper, Massengill and Liquid Plumber; mixes them together.

C) washing cloth, or alternatives

Felix: Opens carton mailed in from spongesoftheworld.com, which is filled with _only_ the fine-grained Indian Ocean
sponges. Each will only be used once, then discarded.

Oscar: Overheard recently in a bar that diapers are good for washing cars; didn't hang around enough that they did _not_ mean soiled ones from the pail.

D) hose

Felix: Bought one "just like the F1 teams use", according to the boutique car-accessory catalog; nine layers, genuine natural rubber and Chinese silk. Burstproof, and cannot scratch the car. Available in your choice of Ferrari or Benneton colors.

Oscar: Calls 911 and reports a car fire. When fire truck arrives, asks "Hey, can I borrow that hose for a few minutes"?

E) detailing:

Felix: Inspects an entire box of Q-tips under microscope, and combs out any loose strands for trimming.

Oscar: Finally caught that mouse; indeed, the mousetrap makes a convenient handle.

F) location:

Felix: Rents a local body shop's paint booth, for a dust free environment with plenty of light. Plays soothing Andean music
and lights an Aromatherapy candle called "Catatonic Calm".

Oscar: Parks car on shoulder of freeway ramp, right where smoke-belching semis are merging. Passes gas continuously from burger-joint lunch, which overpowers the smell of the exhaust. Turns on radio to first station he finds -- Navy Marching Band's tribute to Metallica -- and sets volume at "10", which mercifully blows the speakers before the battery is completely dead.

04-28-2001, 01:17 PM
Zymol makes a car polish? I had only seen their leather cleaner. Tell me more. Where could I get some to try it?