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david w
05-01-2004, 04:04 PM
I came across this site when searching for articles on the ac buckland. I see that a topic was posted in writers corner by michael rogers. My grandfather was intimately involved in the design and building of the buckland drophead at buckland body works. Any more info you have on the car or cars for sale would be greatfully appreciated.



05-01-2004, 04:20 PM
Hi David,

I know Michael (well... never met him in person but an e-mail buddy). He doesn't post on here much so may or may not read this.

The feeling I get is that he knows very little about the car he owns, but has often in the past been known to acquire British and import cars of the more interesting variety.

I can pass this along to him if you like, just private message me or e-mail me. And in general I don't think there are very many AC 2 Litre Buckland's here in North America as I don't think the 2 Litre model was ever officially sold here.

Greasy Thumb
05-01-2004, 11:28 PM
Whasis-- who's talking about me?? Bucklands?? Oh yeah That one--(EXH2042W) a 2 L sports in this case, one of 21 according to the register and as I recall the only drophead in the US aside from another(EL1604) which was converted to chebby mechanicals and hasen't been seen since.
I guess I DON'T know much about My car: who bought it, who therafter owned it, what events did it participate in, who put the Jaguar motor in it (tho not why). There's lots else I don't know right off hand: what is the crank main journal diameter, length of the rear axels but I dig those out when I need them.
Glad to hear of someone else in the world who knows of them.
I'll try and answer any questions you have of these interesting cars David I talked to someone about an ac saloon recently, I'll see if I can find them if you're interested
I'm at EeeMCee@cs.com