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05-30-2007, 04:23 PM
I'm just buttoning up the front end work on the 3A and planned to use a (repro from TRF) yellow TR6 fan. But when I installed it, reversed to avoid hitting the radiator, it now hits the chassis cross-brace. I know others mount it this way but I sure can't figure out how.

So I hit up my spare TR4 engine because the TR4 fan hub is about 1/2" longer than the 3A hub. Blasted the hub and painted it with plasti-cote cast finish, just like the 3A hub I have now. R&R the 3A hub replacing it with the TR4 hub. Well, it turns out that the end of the hub that the fan bolts to is too big diameter to fit inside the (reversed TRF repro) yellow TR6 fan! So I still can't figure out how others reverse the TR6 fan for the 3A. Maybe the TRF repro fan is made thicker with a smaller mounting area?

I tried a square bladed 4A fan but the blades hit the steering box so that's NFG. I'm not going to use the pitiful TR2-3 fan again unless I have to. And even if I drill a new set of holes to mount the radiator, neither of the yellow fans will clear unless reversed.

And my wife doesn't get my rare 4A tropical fan on her 3A. I'm saving that for my 4A. She understands, really.

My only choice (that works) is to use the early TR6 pale rounded 7-blade plastic fan, again mounted reversed. I hope that will stir up enough air to cool (better than the original 3A fan.)

Any other options? I already have a pusher electric fan to supplement cooling but would like to use the square yellow TR6 fan. If you have such a fan on your TR3, plese tell me 1) how you fit it and 2) if it is from TRF or elsewhere. I'm thinking the TRF fan is not quite the same inside diameter as the original.

Hey Christian, does the BMW red fan mount on the TR3 hub or TR4 hub?

I am sick of fans right now (but I did get the garden planted today before the rain started.)

05-30-2007, 06:34 PM
Hello Peter K I just mounted a yellow TR6 fan on my 3. I reverse mounted it. I siliconed 2 flat washers to each of the four mount holes on the hub to hold them in place to insert the bolts(otherwise you cant see the washers and they drop on the floor). There is just enough clearance to miss the the cross brace. Mind you I havent fired up the motor yet to see if it actually does clear. I'm thinking I should have used 3 1/2" flat washers but i'll see tommorrow. The front apron was removed to grind down the water pump casting that was rubbing against the fan pulley. I dont think I'd want to attempt this install with the apron on. Cheers Karl