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04-15-2004, 10:20 AM
I was watching Munster go home this morning with my father and there is a race scene with several nice cars; there is the coffin car, 2 E Types, a 300 SL Mercedes roadster, a morgan, a 58 or 59 corvette, and an AC ace. In the spectators cars there was a powder blue TR 4, an MG TD, a larger MG touring car I want to say an M? several mercedes and daimlers.

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04-15-2004, 10:51 AM

Once in a while Iíll be surfing the cable channels (much to my wifeís annoyance) and Iíll land on the likes of Turner Classics, Nick or what have you. And am amazed at the cars you see. Itís kind of funny watching an actor or actress getting in or out of what would today be considered a collectable or classic car. Almost like they were normal everyday cars.

One of the best was when I landed on a channel airing an old Murder She Wrote episode. Never been a fan of the show but I happened to land there as a guy (Roddy McDowall, I think?) got into an old E-Type.

The down side is watching as classic cars get destroyed. The E-type mentioned above had its brake lines sabotaged and ended up going off a cliff. No animatronics, no special effects, computer programs or model miniatures Ė this was the real thing. I swear I almost cried.

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