View Full Version : Need to edit the fleet list

03-27-2007, 11:40 AM
In the "New Ride" thread, one of the cars I have listed is a 62 Austin Mini. The previous owner thought it was a '62, but was really unsure. From information collected here and on another Mini forum, the conclusion is that it is actually a January 1960 model. It has lots of quirky early features that I was unaware of. Once they are pointed out, they seem obvious.
So the list now reads:
1934 Model Y pickup (English, of course)
1960 Austin 850 Mini
1965 Triumph Herald (future project)
1966 Riley Elf, Daily driver
1973 Triumph Stag (son's care, in my care)
1969 MGB Roadster, coming soon, another project
I should stop here for a while, since several are projects.