View Full Version : Methinks I got it.........................methinks

03-21-2007, 02:47 PM
OK, I took the distributor apart completely and found that some idiot (me) had lubricated the weights with white lithium grease, which jellified and made the weights sticky. Cleaned all that out and did a light lubrication.

Changed to a different plug and closed the gap down to 30 from 35 (Sport Coil).

Reset all valves (they were opened too much) with intake at 16 and exhaust at 18 (GP2 cam).

Now it runs hotter a bit but it is hot here today.

If all goes well and I finish buttoning up the car, I should be able to drive to New Orleans on Friday.

03-21-2007, 03:07 PM
Bill, get the timing at the 10-12 spec. It's running hotter than normal because the timing is retarded and as I said before, a prime indicator of that is heat and less power when warmed up.

Also, my car would not run near as well with the plugs gapped at .030" than it does at .028", even with the Sport Coil or Pertronix coil. I don't know or care why, because it runs better than ever at this point and I'm not fighting success.

You'll love the increase in power and quick revving that you'll gain from this, plus the smoothness of the power curve right up to redline.

Even Richard Good recommends that as the primo setting for his cam.