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03-09-2007, 10:19 PM
I'm a midget owner but I cannot help but look around in this mini forum. I have worked on oodles of minis. When I was in the Airforce stationed in england, lots of guys bought minis to get around cause they were the cheapest thing to be found for a beater car to last a couple years till you went back to the states. My brother had a midget and I helped him work on it so I ended up helping everybody on their old mini because of the similarity of things between them. Lots of things swap between little british cars. One of the guys that came to the pub that I hung out at did the mini rally thing so I had all kinds of tips and such. I would be glad to offer any asstistance that I can for people trying to get a mini going and keep it up. It seems more like that here in the states the mini is very expensive and people are charging an arm and a leg for parts and thing for them. I like the mini, I was in two rollovers and never got hurt. Heck, when I was ther in 1987 you could buy a brand new austin mini at the austin rover dealer for a little over 2300 pounds(maybe 4000bucks). They were cheap and could be had used for little money. I had a lot of experiences with those little austins and miss those good times.