View Full Version : Spitfire V-belt and water pump 78 Spitfire

02-03-2007, 05:15 PM
I wanted to change the belt on my Spit. Just went to the Napa store bought the look up replacement.

But, I have a 78 and I dont have a viscous clutch for the fan. Im guessing at some point the PO replaced a failed clutch/waterpump with the '74 era pump and bolt on fan. The car runs fine, no temp problems at all.

But I had a time matching the belt. The current belt is a 10mm x 1125 mm Contitech part number VAX10X1125. The closest match I could get was a 11mm x 1120. It went on OK. Seems to run fine.

Question are the earlier water pumps interchangeable? And is this a common switch?