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Paul Slice
02-02-2007, 05:28 PM
Was playing around with some driving videos made on a small Canon digital camera from a very warm December day, and decided to post one on Youtube. We took full advantage of a rare 75 degree December day here in SC. Rolling Hills road is a very curvey (for SC) road around a large lake near my house.
The video does not convey the feeling of speed you get when transversing this road. We were doing around 45 MPH into 20 MPH marked turns, and the torque of the Straight sixes in both cars allow you to pull out of the corners without downshifting from third gear.

This video was shot from the passengers seat in the BN8.

here is a picture of the culprits resting before the adventure. my 71 6 and my buddies 67 AH 3000.

link to the 1.5 minute movie, the AH could not keep up in the corners but the sound of the big 6 cyl accelerating out of the corners is worth the time wasted watching.

Now lets see some more videos of your Triumphs in action on the open road doing what they do best.

hope you enjoy,


Paul Slice
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02-02-2007, 05:40 PM
Very kewl vid thanx for sharing!

Love the low rumble!

02-03-2007, 08:48 AM
OMG at the rust at the bottom of the doors & sills on that Healey!


02-03-2007, 11:15 AM
Know who else goes out on warm December days? Kids. Whipping through an area at 45 mph with blind curves and driveways -- well, it's not something I'd risk. I saw a kid hit by a car once and it wasn't good. No amount of driving fun is worth that. There are SCCA tracks to play on, or pick a day when it's 7 degrees instead of 75. Kids don't go outside on days like that.