View Full Version : cool page!

02-01-2007, 07:56 AM
Kind a cool page with Cars for sale


Mickey Richaud
02-01-2007, 08:04 AM
Oh yeah! Especially the fourth and fifth "TR6" posts! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

02-01-2007, 09:35 AM
My wife told me the car wasn't running well because there was water in the carburetor. I asked where the car was; she
told me "In the lake."

02-01-2007, 10:26 AM
Wow... someone there wants $43,000 for a '75 TR6. What planet is he on?

Paul Johnson
02-01-2007, 11:01 AM
I want the 2004 Spitfire.

02-01-2007, 12:47 PM
are those all a joke? half the cars were mislabeled, or had pictures of the wrong car, or had bad car information or....

02-01-2007, 04:38 PM
Good one /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif

02-01-2007, 06:13 PM
Can you believe that $21k '65 TR4? Financing is even available. I sold a '62 a couple years ago that was way better for $500.

02-03-2007, 11:22 AM
just thought you would get a kick outta that page...

02-03-2007, 11:56 AM
I woulden't trust ANYTHING on that site! I see pics of a T-Bird listed as a TR6. a Stag as a 72 TR7????? a Porsche 911 as a TR6, a widemouth TR3A as a 55 TR3.. a Land rover pic for a Triumph, then described as a Jeep. nothing is consistant there.
That whole thing scares me.

02-06-2007, 02:51 PM
https://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...%3D10%26hl%3Den (https://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/uploads/new/4814.jpg&imgrefurl=https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C03636/&h=75&w=100&sz=3&hl=en&start=1&tbnid=YxRrhFXrrtnwoM:&tbnh=62&tbnw=82&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dbaby%2Btriumph%2Btr6%26svnum%3D10%26h l%3Den)