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01-31-2007, 09:17 PM
Anybody know of an aftermarket cruise control that works fairly well? I plan to put it on my TR6.


Andrew Mace
01-31-2007, 09:37 PM
Check out this page (https://www.141.com/triumphs/SpitCruise.html). Lots of good info there!

01-31-2007, 10:03 PM
Cruise Control!!! On a TR6!!! You'll be wantin heated seats and cup holders and anti-lock breaks next!

Sorry to vent, but, I mean, really!? Seems to me the whole point of owning a 30+ year old British car is to enjoy the pleasures of motoring in a bygone age. The wind in your hair, the smell of oil fumes, the rattle and clunk of every bump in the road, various parts falling off (well - guess we didn't need that piece after all). Puts hair on your chest that does!!

If you want cruse control and power steering and cup holders and a car that starts when its cold and doesn't leak oil all over the garage floor and a heater that works - then go buy a blumin Miata and leave the TR6's to us masochists!

Sorry - sorry - I'm thinking of my happy place now. Deep breaths. I will be fine soon.

01-31-2007, 10:49 PM
He,He, I knew I'd get some fiesty responses /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Well, ya know, some people show up to a national event with their car on a trailer, some people don't bring their car, and some people show up relaxed because they have some modern conveniences. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do and if ya love Triumphs, well, I say go for it!

01-31-2007, 10:57 PM
I bought & installed this one


although not for my Triumph. I put it on my Focus and use it a ton. Easy to install, no problem adjusting and works great. Depending on which setup you get, it has a nice OEM look too.

02-01-2007, 07:45 AM
Check out the Audiovox CCS100 cruise control. It has been installed in many LBCs and motorcycles and there are several web sites regarding this unit.

02-01-2007, 12:37 PM
i'd have to draw the line between cruise control and power steering. power steering changes the cars personality, it drives differently, it doesn't feel the same. on the other hand, cruise control just takes away having to keep your foot on the gas. it doesn't change the stop and go in the city, or race days at the track, or quick accelerations when you need it and when you don't, just the long inbetween for the long trips we should be making in these beauts.

i commute everyday and won't live without cruise control. my biggest worry about it was what would happen when it failed.

02-01-2007, 12:43 PM
i commute everyday and won't live without cruise control. my biggest worry about it was what would happen when it failed.[/quote]

I had that happen to me back in the 80's, The Cruise control on my GT6, the servo failed and the engine was stuck at 3000+rpm VERY SCARY!, I shut the car down on the highway and called AAA flatbed.

I got the car home and stripped off all the components of the cruise control and vowed never again!

02-01-2007, 10:15 PM
Somewhat on topic: back in the 80's my cousin used to drive from Fla to Long Island NY straight, solo in his K car. He used to wedge his snow brush between the seat & gas pedal & move the seat back & forth to get the right speed!!


02-01-2007, 10:46 PM
go for a short drive with the window down....
I've got a fairly good cruise control, it's attached to my right leg, just below the ankle. It has failed me a few times, but the constabulary put that straight.

02-02-2007, 09:57 AM
go for a short drive with the window down....

G'day Craig.

Its -5C and snowing here - so that would indeed be refreshing (come Feburary in New England I start wishing I was back in my home town - Brisbane, Australia!).

Sorry Telly if I come over a bit grumpy there. I guess "comfort" and "Triumph" isn't a normal association for me. But heck, if Cruise Control works for you, go for it. Not sure if I would trust my throtle control to anything that connects to Lucas electricals though.

Happy Cruising


02-02-2007, 11:38 AM
I installed a Audiovox ccs 100 cruise control on my TR4. It uses a vacuum powered servo. Never got it to operate properly, it would only engage when the car was slowing down at lower speeds for a corner. I am going to purchase an electic operated servo sometime this winter. For me it is a matter of comfort. I drive my car on quite a few 200+ mile roundtrips and need to be able to move my right leg into a different position at times. I installed a foot rest for my left leg; I posted a picture last year. I also installed Corbeau seats with inflateable lumbar support for some lower back support. Fraid the old bod isn't what it used to be. The TR4 has weathered our 38 years together better than I have, probably better maintenance.

02-02-2007, 01:31 PM
Telly, I have a new in the box one for sale, I sent you a message about it. let me know.