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01-17-2007, 05:53 PM
Aloha All,

A fellow TR enthusiast sent me a link to a movie on You Tube that was made for the TR Register Belgium of an event they sponsored to commemorate the speed run made by Ken Richardson in a TR2 at Jabbeke in 1953. Here is the link:


There were over 180 cars that participated, from TR2s thought TR8s along with cars from the Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Registry. You can see cars with spats, brooklland screens and even a TR2 Coupe (one of 22 built in Belgium). There is even a TR2 in geranium. In addition to seeing them parked, they are also running down the road.

The movie is about one hour long. It has file footage of the original event and an interview with Paul Richardson.

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01-17-2007, 09:43 PM
I actually had time to watch the whole video tonight. TR heaven! I just love the English to what ever language is being spoken at the time transitions. I almost felt like I understood what they were saying. Anyway to quote the South African gentleman, "A complete indulgence."

Thanks for the link!

01-18-2007, 12:12 AM
The Geranium TR2 belongs to Hans Kooy of the Netherlands. It's TS111L. Geranium with a Blackberry interior.

I bought my tail lights from Hans as he was responsible for having them made for TS1 when it was restored.

I think I also saw an Olive yellow TR2...

This is an amazing and entertaining video...even with the Sunbeam-Talbots...