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Rob DeScherer
07-03-2003, 10:10 AM
Anyone have any feelings about this carb set up for the TR6? I know that the general feeling about the DGV's was not great, but what about the triple set up with the shorter manifold?

07-03-2003, 07:32 PM
You have to be out of your mind to put triple Webers on your TR6! That is unless of course you do all your motoring at or above 4 thousand RPM. They are strickly race application. Oh sure, some of you out there will say you have them and love them, but almost as many are removed from TR6's as are put on, (if not more if that is possible). Try triple ZS (like I have and love) or SU. Richard Good has a nice setup he manufactures. Ain't cheap but WORKS.
If money is no object, contact someone across the pond and try for a PI setup.

Dr. Bill

07-04-2003, 03:36 AM
Having no experience whatsoever with the TR6 motor I have no business addressing this subject.

So, here goes,

The marvelous thing about Weber carburetors is that they are almost infinitely adjustable. The terrible thing about Weber carburetors is that they are almost infinitely adjustable.

The tremendous range of adjustability of the Weber is what allows it to be adapted to nearly any application.

The tremendous range of adjustability of the Weber is what allows so many opportunities to misapply them.

The common misconception it that bolting on Webers equals performance. The reality is that Webers, when used with a given induction system allow one an opportunity to match fuel delivery characteristics to the system’s airflow characteristics. They allow one to get the fuel delivery characteristics completely screwed up as well. When you consider the interdependence of induction tract, cam profiles and combustion chamber characteristics it’s no wonder a great many people never get an engine to run right with them.

One of the most popular mistakes is over-carbureting; using 45’s when 40’s or even 38’s are a better match. Another popular mistake is using the right body and ignoring the venturi sizing. Then there’s the ever popular “using what what’s-his-name used” when what’s-his-name had a very highly modified race engine and the intrepid car owner has a very tired stock motor.

While the 40DCOE in one form or another does seem to be almost universally preferred for the TR6 there are as many venturi/tube/jet combinations as there are cars.

Personally, I would be quite confident that I could find a suitable combination.


07-04-2003, 09:30 AM
Well put, PC!

Again, Webers are a superior product, that just are not suited to the TR6. The average TR guy isn't going to spend the time or money or effort to set up DCOE Webers to run on the street in a TR6. The infinite adjustability of the beasts still does not allow their use in the full spectrum of driving, from stop-and-go to full-out blasting through the hills. You will never get them to idle in traffic. DGV's on the other hand will do all this, but with a great ho-hum result. Besides, they are ugly. Stick to Zenith-Strombergs or Standard-Unions. They are bullet-proof in the TR6 when well maintained and clean.

Dr. Bill