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01-05-2007, 03:16 AM
ITB Pinto

May 12/13 at Nelson Ledges........Steel City Region SCCA
June 10/11 at Summit Point.........? Region SCCA
July 1/2 at Mid-O....................? Region SCCA
Aug 11/12 at BeaveRun..............Steel City SCCA
Sept 9/10 at Mid-O....................OV Region SCCA
Oct 28/29 at Nelson Ledges.......WNY Region SCCA

Random Auto-Xs w/ the Elva at BeaveRun & North Hills Sport Car Club during the year.

And I'll probably be flagging or working start at most of the schools & nationals for SCCA (Nelson Ledges & BeaveRun)
Also.....The PVGP and BeaveRun vintage events.

What is everyone else doing?

01-05-2007, 08:38 AM
I will be at every EMRA event (I'm the RaceChair), mostly with the Twin-Cam Escort. I will share some enduros with one son-in-law and my other one wants to run some Time Trials with the Ford. At least that's the plan right now.

EMRA 2007:
April 21st (Saturday).... SP - Shenandoah Circuit-Time Trials
April 22nd (Sunday) .... SP - Shenandoah Double-Sprints
May 5th (Saturday) .... Pocono South-Time Trials
May 6th (Sunday) .... Pocono South-Sprints
June 9th (Saturday) .... BeaveRun-Sprints & Enduro
June 10th (Sunday) .... BeaveRun-Sprints
June 28th (Thursday) .... Pocono North-Time Trials
July 21st (Saturday) .... Pocono Long Course 1-Hour Enduro
August 14th (Tuesday) .... Pocono East Time Trials & Open Wheel Sprints
September 8th (Saturday) .... Pocono North Sprints & 2 Hour Enduro
September 9th (Sunday) .... Pocono North Time Trials
October 21st (Sunday) .... Watkins Glen Sprints & 1 Hour Enduro (bringing Spridget to this one)
October 26th (Friday) .... Lime Rock Time Trials
October 27th (Saturday) .... Lime Rock Sprints & 1 Hour Enduro
November 17th (Saturday) .... Summit Point Sprints & 4-Hour Enduro
November 18th (Sunday) .... Summit Point Sprints & Time Trials

I'll also run some events with the Spridget and The Vintage Racer Group. This is not their entire schedule:
June 22-24 Mosport Vintage Festival (Maybe)
July 6-8 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix at BeaveRun
August (TBA) Shenandoah Circuit, Summit Point, West Virginia
Oct 19-20 Watkins Glen Fall Celebration (I set this one up--a shared weekend between VRG and EMRA)

I'll try to run the $2007 Grassroots Challenge:
Oct 4-6, Gainesville, Fla (BigMaybe)

Moss Motors Fall Fest (typically around mid-Sept. Not listed so far)

Michael Oritt
01-09-2007, 03:42 PM
Here's my plan through June:

1. Sebring w/SVRA March 14-17
2. Roebling Road w/SVRA March 29-April 1 (maybe)
3. VIR w/VRG-VDCA April 13-15
4. VIR w/VSCCA May 5-6
5. Lime Rock w/VSCCA June 1-2 (maybe)
6. VIR Goldcups w/VIRC June 8-10
7. Mosport w/VARAC June 22-24

BTW Nial I just received a copy of <u>Go Ahead Take The Wheel </u>written by your friend and it certainly looks to be chock full of good advice.

Best--Michael Oritt, Elva Courier

01-10-2007, 09:45 AM
Don't see Summit Point in there, Michael. Is it a possibility?