View Full Version : New to TR6 - Charging and Oil Pressure.

12-30-2006, 05:03 PM
Hello. I recently purchased a '73 TR6 from a long time friend of mine. The car is straight and rust free. I will be looking for lots of advice, since I haven't turned a wrench on a British sports car in over 20 years (previously owned an MGB, Midget, TR7, and a Sprite--oh yes and one ill fated Fiat 124 Spider (gosh, the colors are pretty when they burn to the ground))

My current dilemna(s) are the charging system and oil pressure. I believe that I blew a perfectly good alternator by running it with a battery with a bad cell. I had 12+ volts at the battery but low volts at the gauge. I replaced the alternator and was getting high volts on the gauge for a while, now it is barely above 12, and below with lights, etc on. I took the batery to Interstate - they said bad cell, and was only getting 11volts. How durable are the Lucas alternators? Is it possible to replace the internal voltage regulator or diodes rather than the whole unit? I am concerned ther is some culprit that is causing a problem that simply replacing parts won't solve.

Also, I get pretty low pressure after warm up. I think I am due for an oil pump replacement, since the long-time friend replaced bearings about 4K miles age, but not the pump. it runs nice and smooth, no low end thump, but I fear that I am destroying my bottom end. I hooked up an AutoZone special to confirm the 30 year old gauge, and it seems pretty close. He stated that he always had low pressure, so he wasn't overly concerned. Well, I am. Any advice about low pressure would be appreciated - Thanks

01-06-2007, 09:18 PM
Have you tried copying this to the Triumph forum? You'll get some answers there in a hurry.