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04-25-2003, 12:01 PM
I know if I searched thru archives probably eventually find these ? but it is that time of the year to review these ?s
1970 TR6 pert EI

1.spark plugs. what's everyone using this year? good & bad. Gap? I'm going to try .040 with bosch 4216's Pertronix EI (yes I do keep old points in boot just in case).

2.Timing seems like just about 20 BTDC seems to be happy place. I time with both advance & retard connected. I know some disconnect, why?

3. Using Valvoline 10W30 this year from 20W50 seem to get more reasonable oil pressure, was too high before. now in 70's most of time. Seemed like valvoline had the most of the good stuff per a web article. no it wasn't the valvoline web site : )

4. My strombergs still a little quirky. More rich than I'd like trying ATF in dampers for better response.

5. Choke. book says set with a 5/16 rod between cam and choke to set choke screw. seems too far out for my car. anyone else find this setting off?

6. Using sta lube 85W90 GL4 in gearbox with A O/D this tear seems a little smoother than engine oil. was the only GL4 I could find (Napa)

appreciate any comments on what's working or not working on setups tha year.

04-25-2003, 01:05 PM
Hello Chicago,
Just an answer to one of your questions:- vacuum advance.
The standard ignition setting is quoted without advance and on my 2.5 P.I. engine is 8 degrees before TDC. If the vacuum line is connected, at idle this will advance the timing so if you then set it to the book figure you will have the true figure retarded so on full power (i.e. on full throttle and no engine vacuum) you will have the engine retarded from the ideal setting and lose performance. The vacuum advance feature is an economy device to allow leaner running at part throttle (As a lean mixture burns slower).
Incidentally my P.I. (Petrol Injection) engine distributor does not have a vacuum advance mechanism.

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Rick O.
04-25-2003, 01:35 PM
Timing: Seems way too advanced. I have the retard capsule only and I strobe it to 4 BTDC (retard connected) and get excellent performance and economy (27 mpg highway @70).

Gearbox lube: Be careful with the 80W-90 as it can create excessive pressure/low flow in the A O/D hydraulics that can lead to premature wear. I've been running 30W non-detergent for awhile and like it. 30W was the original specification put out by Laycock for the A O/D's. Also, non-detergency is an important feature since you don't want solid contaminants suspended as there is no fine filtration system in the O/D. Don't know if the Stalube GL-4 product has detergents.

Rick O.
04-25-2003, 01:46 PM
Plugs: Use Bosch plats at 0.045 with Pertronix and Lucas gold. Works well.

I'll have try switching from 20W-50 Castrol GTX to a lower viscosity as I too have very high oil pressures. Also looking at oil filters that flow better (currently using Purolator PureOne)such as K&N, Wix, Napa Gold, or Carquest Premium. Castrol makes a fine oil, don't think I'd switch to Valvoline. Checkout https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/ for good info.

Strombergs: Use 10W-30 and like response.

Choke: I think the clearance was spec'd to ensure the cams would be completely off the throttle when the choke is off. I'd focus more on making sure the cam makes contact simultaneously on each carb