View Full Version : Sherlock, Here is a link for 2000's

04-02-2003, 08:20 PM
Hi Sherlock.
Here is a link for you, Its sort of a site for most Triumph Vitesse, Herald's the Like
But Andy just updated, Now there are a few 2000's

If you dont know Andy, He is a great bit of information, He may be able to help you find a 2000 for yourself!
Good luck
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04-03-2003, 05:17 AM

Andy contacted me recently through BCF, and gave me the link to his site, and I have it bookmarked now.

And it was actually my idea to add 2000's to his registry (if you notice he has one of those as well as his barn full of Herald's)

04-03-2003, 06:51 PM
Hi Sherlock.
Good to hear, I did notice he has a 2000, Thats what got me to thinking of you!
Good luck on the search.
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