View Full Version : Spax adjustable shocks

08-28-2002, 12:05 AM
My TR-7 has nearly new Spax adjustable shocks on it. I had been unable to get any info on adjusting them so I fiddled on my own and will pass on what I think I've learned for general consumption and comment.
I began by stiffening them to what I guessed was about the same point on each and the ride became unduly stiff to the point that my wife no longer enjoyed riding in it as much as she had. I was somewhat flumaxed and feared that I had screwed up because I just didn't think I had gone that far from where they had been. Tonight though I was able to soften them to a positive end of adjustment on both and I was relieved to find the ride was back to very comfortable and luxurious as a 7 should be. It is nice to know that I can stiffen it up to Go-Kart specs so easily if I'm inclined to get racy. Any one with info to pass on about these units please jump in and share.