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11-14-2006, 07:09 AM
I received this message last night. I thought some folks might be interested.

Our final hurdle is to see Governor Corzine sign the Sports and Entertainment District legislation (Bill # A 1054) that has been approved in the NJ Assembly and not yet heard in the senate economic growth committee and the full senate. The bill needs to be signed by Governor Corzine in December for NJMP to break ground in Feb-March 2007. Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew, the leading sponsor of A 1054 has asked that we all respectfully contact Senator Ray Lesniak, who holds the keys to the senate approval of the bill. Senator Lesniak chairs the senate economic growth committee, and he must agree to hearing the unaltered version of the assembly bill A 1054 in his committee and release the bill to the full senate, where Senate President Codey must agree to place the bill for a full senate vote. Senator Lesniak can be contacted as follows: senlesniak@njleg.org <mailto:senlesniak%40njleg.org> telephone: 908 624 0880

Please take a minute and send an e-mail to Senator Lesniak urging him to support this important piece of legislation!!!!!! Let your voice be heard and prepare to race on a new track in 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!


Joe Volpe.
NJMP Green Flag Committee

11-14-2006, 07:31 AM
Thanks Chris...I'll put this out to about a zillion people right now.
I have been in contact with James Redmond (the track manager) and they have suffered a financial setback partly based on changing their plan. The original idea was for a road course only, but they alted that to include a circle track(and maybe NASCAR). This delayed things as they went back to the Atlantic City casinos for more support.
By the way, the prinicpal investor is Lee Brahim, a young real estate investor who also happens to be a vintage racer. The track will be modeled after the VIR "clubhouse" setup.