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11-07-2006, 11:13 AM
Our final EMRA race weekend of 2006 will be at Summit Point Circuit in West Virginia on Nov 18 and 19.
Sprint races on 18th and a 4-Hour Enduro starting at dusk. More Sprint races and also Time Trials on Nov 19th (Sunday). Time Trials are great for stock, street cars (open cars need roll bars, but not hardtop cars).

If you're in the area, come on over (you may have to sign in at the gate...if they ask, list yourself as EMRA crew).

I'll be running my #11 in the shorter Sprint races and Pete and I will be running his 1275 Mk II Spridget (#23) in the 4-Hour Twilight Enduro. (we have teamed up on this for the last four years).
Both my daughters and their husbands will be there as well as Linda. One of the son-in-laws will run his street Mustang in the Sunday TT event.

Last year, #23 Spridget burned a valve about 20 minutes before the start, so we had to do an emergency transplant of the headlights/driving lights onto my #11. Meanwhile, my car had snapped a throttle cable on the cool-down lap of the last Sprint, so I was down in the footwell, madly working to fix *that*. When I started the enduro (5 minutes late) there was still a Vise-Grip and screwdrivers in the footwell. I couln't get them out until the first fuel stop.
I just put the headlights in #11 today, "just in case"...always good to have a "Plan B".

In the 2005 4-Hour, I spun the car about 15 minutes from the end, (someone spun in front of me and I went off-track to avoid him....and lost it). We still beat a lot of folks and were listed as Finishers...great, since #11 was totally unprepped for such an event.

Pictures from 2005 EMRA 4-Hour.

Burned valve....Oh no!

Hastily installed headlights/driving lights (very mis-aimed)

First Fuel Stop

Night shot of #11

To the Cold Pits for a loose exhaust repair...we were back out in 5 minutes

11-07-2006, 02:38 PM

Do you guys have a place for SVRA cars to run? I think the Triumph is going to come down there for this one.

11-07-2006, 04:41 PM

I'm pretty sure you could run at least in our Time Trial on Sunday.
You would need an approved race license and medical for any of our sprint races. If you are not sure, call Pete McCarthy at 973-383-8859 (he does not use e-mail).

Remember that you need a roll bar in open cars (with bar 2" over helmet) when driver is strapped in.
Also, be sure battery is well secured.
You can use standard seat belts or race harnesses for TT (as long as they are in good shape). Can't use just lap belts.

Go here for more info:


If you have *any* questions about your car in terms of tech inspection, I would stongly urge you to write to Rob Myles at Chieftech@emraracing.org (tell him Nial McCabe gave you his e-mail).
We always hate to turn people away and it is better to check with Rob now, in case he has any questions about your car in terms of tech inspection.

Another good place to run your vintage car on the east coast is VRG. They will be at Summit Pt. the week after us. Their website is:

Michael Oritt
11-08-2006, 08:36 AM
Last weekend I attended the VSCCA event run at the Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit (See picture attached). We ran clockwise on Saturday and counter-clockwise on Sunday. It was like running on two different tracks, both quite challenging and great for small cars such as ours with the CCW direction being much faster. My gearing was just about perfect.

Nate Scagliano showed up with another Elva Courier, also prepped by Michael Clifford, and though he runs larger tires and disk fronts our speeds around the track were about identical. He trailed me for about ten laps, then we switched and I chased him--I don't think that either of us could have effected a pass without the other making a mistake. Nate broke a front hub on Sunday and his right front wheel came off, but fortunately when he was slowed and about to negotiate the 180 at the top of the hill, so he simply pulled off the track. His right front fender sustained damage but nothing too serious.

I'm signed up for the VRG Turkey Bowl--hope to see you there.

Best--Michael Oritt, Elva Courier

11-08-2006, 12:04 PM
See you there, Nial. If I can't make it for some reason, then will I see you at Turkey Bowl?