View Full Version : Alternator problem solved

10-25-2006, 10:03 AM
Solved my alternator problem this morning. I replaced the alternator *again* -- making for a total of three replacements, but this time went to another source. Someone recommended Star Auto Electric in California, and I spoke with them at lenght. Although they said they couldn't give a definitive diagnosis over the phone, they raised the very same issue that Harry Ward pointed out -- a problem with the alternator itself and not allowing the regulator to kick in. I put in the alternator that had been rebuilt by Star Auto and everything seems to be working perfectly, with my old regulator in place to boot. I may play around with switching the regulator just to double check, but everything seems in order.

Thanks to the list, as always, for being a fantastic source of information, and also thanks to Mike at Star Auto Electrics. I was *very* impressed with their workmanship and their customer service!