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Simon TR4a
10-02-2006, 09:03 AM
Several friends of mine were competing at Mosport this weekend, among them a TR6, a Porsche 914, a Toyota Starlet a couple of Volvos, and two Porsche 944s.

Saturday was damp so laptimes about 8 seconds slower for most people, but there was some excellent racing on Sunday, even though the cool track was still a couple of seconds off.

The guy in the TR6 defeated his rival, a Fiat that had some gearbox problems, but they were pretty closely matched and had a good battle.
There was also terrific racing between a blue mini and immaculate red Spridget, both car lapping around 1:43, which is really quick! (Another guy I know did 1:45 in a Mallock, to give a reference point.) Plenty of MGBs and a TVR with a severe misfire which needs some sorting out.

My neighbour in the Toyota was pleased to finish without problems and is getting used to his new rear suspension, but GT70 includes budget racers like him, and very fast cars like Corvettes and a pair of BMW M1s, so he got lapped a couple of times! The Starlet has no interior and plastic windows so is pretty noisy, even with ear plugs and a helmet, and when the M1's blasted by on the straight he said the whole car vibrated and shook. He was doing about 100mph, they went by about a foot from his door, nose to tail, at maybe 170mph. Quite an experience!

10-02-2006, 06:48 PM
Sounds like fun. I have heard that Mosport is a great place....I just wish it were a bit closer to me.

My weekend was similar, but with no "modern" cars.
I attended the Vintage Racer Group (VRG) Fall Festival at Summit Point. I saw some similar cars, including a Mini, plenty of Spridgets, an old TVR (MGA powered), several FIATs, some big Triumphs, 3 MGAs and even a Mallock. Also some Turners, Devins and a Hemi-Allard.
We had rain on Saturday too, quite heavy in the morning, but it dried up and was fine later on and on Sunday.

I had a terrific race with a Lotus Seven, a Turner and a several Sprites. Lots of Brit-cars nose to tail for many laps...great fun!

They had a wonderful "Under One Liter" race with two Bugeyes, a 948 Lotus Seven, a 948 Turner, a Sebring Sprite, two FIAT 850s and a SAAB 750-powered formula car.

Your comment about being passed by a fast car is familiar to me. I run enduros, which are "mixed class" and I have had Vipers and Corvettes rocket past me on the long straights of Watkins Glen and Summit Point.....kind of an awsome experience.

Glad you had fun....I've enjoyed my times at Shannonville "up north". The VRG guys run two Canadian events and I will try to get up there some time.