View Full Version : Maybe the Last of the electrical stuff

Trevor Triumph
09-25-2006, 12:06 AM
That addition to the force you felt today (2:35 local time)was Tillie, my wife's MkII Spitfire roaring to life! For all my electrical carping somehow there was spark: coil to ground and from a sparkplug to ground. All I did was un-install the Crane system and put it on my Spitfire where it ran the car. This afternoon I reinstalled the system on my wife's car. We played a bit with the choke and WOW! did it take off! Now the car has an engine that runs, brake and tail lights, gauges that work, steering wheel that works, brakes and clutch that should work. We need to clean the cooling system a bit, do some carb tuning, and adjust the brakes and maybe the car could be on the road. Thanks to Forum members and friends it can happen. T.T.