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09-17-2006, 06:27 AM
We had a great time at the EMRA TIme Trial and 2-Hour Enduro last week.
My newest son-in-law (married three weeks) and my younger daughter came so that he could run the Time Trial in his '03 Mach 1. My older daughter and her husband went up to Watkins Glen the same weekend and caught part of the Zippo Vintage event.....but he was also doing some work up there or they would have come to Pocono with us too.

In the enduro, I had a great battle with Pete (1275 Sprite) until his float bowl got stuck and flooded the car so he pulled off in an infield area and became a spectator. I soldiered on, occasionally catching an old MR2 and having a bit of fun racing him (he retired eventually too). Near the end, I snapped another axle, but had enough laps in the small-bore class to win. When the axle failed, I was able to coast to the same infield spot as Pete's flooded Sprite, so the tow Spridgets sat wounded, side-by-side. The flaggers were calling us the "British Car Breakdown Area"....pretty funny.
By the way, this enduro is our modified LeMans start event, where we get a crew member to run to the back of the car as it sits "off" on the main straight. My "runner" was a recent college grad (mechanical engineering) who was on her college track-team so I got a *good* start!
My son-in law did well in the TT. He is well-used to driving fast (he's a State Trooper) and he had just completed a high-speed pursuit school where his instructor was an SCCA National-license racer. SInce this was his first TT with us, he needed an instructor for at least the first session, so I volunteered. This is the first time in a long time that I have been in a car at speeds over 125 mph. As a passenger, it gives one pause.....
But all went well, and he did fine. We're intending on building a Ford Escort GT for '07 EMRA enduros (and maybe the Grassroots Challenge '07)...should be fun.

Pocono Infield Traffic

The famous #11 PitCart (also handy for mixing small batches of cement)

During the fuel stop at the two-hour. Bruce finishes closing the trunk (where the fuel-fill is located) and Brian helps me get belts ready. Both of them are in Nomex (as required for our fuel stops).

Me in the passenger seat, acting as Instuctor for Brian. He did fine after we got the tires up to about 46 psi (hot).