View Full Version : Axle carrier, what now?

08-28-2006, 09:34 PM
Anybody have the axle housing spreader referred to in the manuals???

So how, in the real world, do you remove the carrier once the axles are removed? Mine seems to be in there pretty good, I thought I would be able to pull it right out by hand once I removed the bearing caps. I ordered a Southwick axle from Jack Drews, and I need to prepare for its arrival.

BTW Uncle Jack is a very nice guy, went out of his way to help me out. It is refreshing to run across individuals like Jack.

08-29-2006, 12:24 AM
Hi Greg,

In fact, I don't have the diff spreader, but have seen homemade ones. The illustration in the manual is really useful for that. It just needs some welding up, and then care in use not to overspread the diff and crack the housing.

The spreader is not totally mandatory, from what I understand, but makes the job one heckuva a lot easier. Personally, my idea of differential work is to take the whole axle assembly to a specialized shop and get them to set it up for me!

Yes, you are right about Uncle Jack, but I don't find it terribly surprising.

IMHO, there seem to be a ton of really good people involved with Triumphs. The best-known names tend to be the vendors, most of whom seemed to first fall in love with the cars, then got into the business side of it to "support their habit". I'm thinking of folks like John Swauger, Joe Alexander, Ken Gillanders, Richard Good, Ted Schumacher, Dan Masters and others here in the U.S.; Darryl Uprichard, Neil Revington and Chris Connoly in the U.K. Then there are some legendary figures like Kas Kastner. Nearly all these folks have some racing background, too, I notice.

The list goes on and on. Many of these Triumph folks are "characters", which might be defined as "opinionated, sometimes a little terse and perhaps a bit less customer oriented than Macy's Dept. Stores would hire". Just don't get them "talkin' Triumphs" if you don't have a lot of minutes available on your cell phone plan. And, many of them would likely be the first person to show up if you were in their neighborhood and needed a hand fixin' your Triumph!