View Full Version : Wedge tr7 water pump

08-13-2006, 11:30 AM
I'm thinking that the 12 vane waterpump on a TR7 is a direct replacement for the 6 vane water pump without having to change to the newer waterpump cover. I need to keep the older style waterpump cover and intake manifold to use with my HS6 carburetors. Am I correct? I have a spare 12 vane waterpump and that would cut the down time when replacing if they were directly interchangeable.

08-13-2006, 11:48 AM
The twelve vane pump will not intercahnge with the six blade pump without changing the pump cover/housing. The angle of the impeller blades are different.

Alan T

08-13-2006, 06:27 PM
A 6 vane water pump cover WILL work with a 12 vane water pump. I have been running this set up for 2 years on my 78 FHC. The FASD was acting up on my car so I swapped the carbs and intake for a manual choke setup off of a 76 FHC. I needed the 6 vane pump cover for the 76 intake manifold. Just make sure there is no interference between the pump cover and the water pump bolt. I used a little dab of modeling clay to check for interference. I also used the thickest water pump cover gasket during the assembly process

08-14-2006, 07:41 AM
Could always use two gaskets if spaceing is an issue.

08-14-2006, 05:49 PM
i have two extra gaskets, i thought that others had done this already and might have had to overcome obstacles.