View Full Version : TR2/3/3A 1956 TR3 Small Mouth listing, to help friend

08-04-2006, 08:28 PM
1956 TR-3 "Small Mouth" Comm #12750 LO. This auto is one of the rarer Triumphs because they only made 13,000. Estimated less than 1% left on the road today. Mileage over 100K, but cannot verify exact. Daily driver, runs great! White, black top & interior. If interested the car is in North Haven, CT contact: ticktock27@hotmail.com for more info and pics.

The story: I have a friend in CT who is selling this long time love. Sadly due to many reasons, he has gone to a car that is easier driven by the fairer of the sexes. Jim is not a member of any clubs nor does he do any internet posting. He was a tool and die maker by trade and loved his LBC. He has been amassing a large quantity of parts to install as well as those that he has already installed. This was to be a full frame off restoration this winter, but now he has to sell. Two classes of parts, installed and those to be installed.

First the installed: new front bumpers with overriders, badge bar, fog/running lights attached to badge bar, new hoses throughout, new radiator, new water pump, new wheel cylinders all 4 wheels, drums turned, new brake shoes, wheel bearings and races, tie rods, 1 ball joint, spin on oil filter, Pertronix electronic ignition, oil pump screen, valve cover gasket, battery, rebuilt SU carbs, new air cleaners,new throttle linkage, new chrome wire wheels, new tires, new exhaust system with chrome extension, new steering wheel with horn and signal switch, new rear leaf springs, new gas tank, new fuel sending unit, new gas lines, new fuel pump, gas shut-off valve, driver seat cushion, new tonneau, soft top, reconditioned side curtains, windshield, new choke cable, new bonnet and trunk hinges, new rear bumpers, battery liner, mirror, flame thrower ignition coil, steering pins, wire wheel hubs,

Now the inventory to be installed: new Judson Supercharger with everything for complete installation, rebuilt transmission with overdrive, new rack and pinion steering, coil front springs, new shocks, new trunnions, new vertical links, hub shafts, urethane bushings, 4 sets of brake shoes, new brake lines, new floor pans, tranny tunnel, new custom exhaust header, high torque starter motor, 86MM pistons and liners,cam sprocket, light weight flywheel, new clutch, pressure plate & throw out bearing, complete engine gasket set, new wool carpet set, new floor mats, new threshold plates, new vinyl trim package for caping and dash, new glove box with hardware, new signal lights, new dash buttons, new inner and outer sills, new glass fenders front and rear, completely rebuilt rear end-Mayflower with spare axle, chrome side screen brackets, new door pulls, 4 rims, new chrome beading, new master cylinder (brake and clutch with bracket), new wiring harness, new brake pads, new calipers, new fender stone guards, new fender mirrors, new electric fan, new universal joints, new 6 fin water pump, new roller rocker arms and new rear seat in box, new intake and exhaust valves and springs, plus, plus plus. Perfect restoration project that includes everything either installed or ready to go on. Asking $15,000 for everything.

I'm not in the selling business, just trying to help him out in getting leads with people who are true aficionados. he is very leary of ebay and wants to go that route as last resort.