View Full Version : Sunbeam Alpine

07-29-2006, 06:39 PM
When I was about 15yo, or so, a friend of my older brother had a ratty, old, broken-down Alpine in a field behind his house. Donnie ,the friend, told me I could have the car for free if I could get it to the road by myself. Soon as I located a stray bumper jack in that field, the offer was rescinded. Donnie had no intention of getting rid of the Alpine, but realized I was gonna ratchet that car out in a couple hours with the jack & a chock rock or two. I was **** for a time, but eventually got over it. The Sunbeam needed lots of help and, admittedly, I'd have been hard pressed to do much with it in 1979. These days, however, with rockauto.com & what have you available, I'd bite the fingers off someone who tried to renege like that! Oh, well, live & learn.