View Full Version : Back light glass installation question

07-23-2006, 11:24 PM
Does anyone know the procedure for installing the glass for the Tr4, 250 hard top frame? I plan on installing it in a few days and have never done this and there is no info in the repair manuals I have. I do have the window, rubber glazing and the chrome trim piece ready to go. Thanks!

Andrew Mace
07-24-2006, 08:51 AM
The procedure should be essentially identical to that for fitting the windshield.

07-24-2006, 12:53 PM

Andy is right, it's exactly the same as the windshield.

Just from memory (check the factory repair manual for the windshield procedure, to be sure):

I think it's easiest with the frame installed securely on the car first.

The rubber goes into the frame, with a bit of sealer all the way around. Be sure the rubber is well-seated and very well sealed.

With a helper, position a string around the groove in the rubber and start the window into the groove from the outside. I'm not sure if this is best started at the top or bottom, but usually at one corner. Use the string to work and pull the rubber over the window edge a little at a time, as the helper keeps the window pressed tight against the rubber.

Emphasize to the helper that those windows don't bend and cost a lot to replace!

Might need some dish soap or similar to help the window to slide into place.

Once it's all in place, the aluminum trim piece is the last thing on. If it's a single piece, the opening goes at the bottom and a clip covers it (two piece trim rings were used on the earlier tops, and of course have gaps at the top and bottom). The aluminum trim serves to expand the rubber a little and help lock the window in place. The aluminum might need some fussing and gentle bending to get it shaped just right. Some dish soap or even some WD40 might help the trim slide into its groove more easily.

It's possible no sealer will be needed around the window itself. On the other hand, if there is any gap, use a little windshield sealer to prevent any water getting in.

Hope this helps! Some others might have some additional tips. It's been a while since I've done this.