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07-05-2003, 06:01 PM
I have seen a number of complaints on this forum about replacement parts from well-known Healey parts supplers that do not fit or of inferior quality. I've ordered relatively few parts for my BT7 in the seven years I've owned it, but am about to embark on a number of mechanical/cosmetic upgrades and repairs. Without badmouthing any vendor, can Forum members share names of vendors from whom they have consistently gotten good quality parts?

Dave Russell
07-05-2003, 07:14 PM
A tough question to answer. It sometimes depends upon the particular part where you can get the best. Using suggestions from other forum users about a particular part may help.

I have not found a single source which "always gives the best results. The smaller businesses are more likely to take a personal interest & try to help if there are questions or problems. Some possibilities are;

Hemphill's 1-800-943-2539

They don't have big fancy catalogs & you can't order from most on line but they are knowledgeable, fair, & helpful.

07-06-2003, 01:28 AM
i have purchased parts from at least half a dozen
dealers while redoing my BT7. my main problem
has always been finding the best prices on all of
the parts that i needed from one parts house.
unfortunately shipping costs come into play if
you end up having to order a bunch of small parts
from different dealers based on the prices.i could only find one place that stocked ALL of
the break parts that i needed. i could have gotten a better deal if i had split the order up
but the shipping would have killed me. also
make sure the parts are ALL IN STOCK. if they
ship things seperately the shipping can be more
than the parts. i got ahold of every catalog i
could find,but i still get most of my stuff from
moss or Hemphills because usually have the parts
in their catalogs in stock.

07-06-2003, 01:49 AM
Mail order parts are always a crapshoot. There are dealers that I absolutely refuse to buy "Part A" from, because I've gotten burned in the past, but "Part B' has always been a good piece at a fair price.
I agree wholeheartedly that shipping costs play a major part in selecting sources. Some dealers charge actual shipping costs, plus a small fee for processing the order. Others base the cost on the value of the order, and can really stick you.
I'm sometimes amazed, that the shipping on a part from California, to Michigan, on an item that costs $750.00, is much less than what I get charged for an item costing $200.00, when shipped from another Midwest location.
I guess the best thing to do is ask questions at places such as this forum, and for any specific recommendations, set up a back channel email. Then we can give you our sob stories, or tales of glowing praise.
One thing though, if you do receive a part from ANY supplier, that is sub-standard for any reason, let them know about it! If they don't know there is a problem, they can't fix it. I've had several issues resolved to my satisfaction over the years by just letting them know!
Didn't mean to rant!