View Full Version : TR4/4A TR4A Convertible Top Cover Interchangeability

07-08-2006, 10:52 PM
Hey guys,
I sold my TR250 project and will probably be buying a running 65 TR4A. This particular car has a new top but not a cover for the top (boot cover) for when the top is down. The owner says he has one for a TR4 but he doesn't think it fits. I see one listed on ebay for a good price for TR250/6 models. Will this fit a 4A? Does the 4A use a boot cover exclusive to itself?

07-09-2006, 04:32 PM
Just so you don't feel ignored. I think the 4a is unique with the pegs and they went to the snaps from the 250 on...the experts here (and there are many) will correct me if I'm wrong.

Does the 4 even have/need a top cover?

07-09-2006, 07:43 PM
TR4A top and boot cover are different from all the others.
The top uses the snaps on the side and the screwed in rail across the back like a TR250-6, but the boot cover on the TR4A uses "lift-a-dot" studs across the rear where a TR250/6 has the snaps all the way

07-09-2006, 08:36 PM
And the TR4 does not need one at all as the top is stored separate from the frame.