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06-22-2006, 03:22 AM
Hi to all of you!

I have been "lurking" in this forum for quite a while now, so it is time to post my introduction:

An Austin Healey was always my favorit car! Seeing all the Benson & Hedges advertisments when I was a boy imprinted the image of the exiting shapes of this car in the back of my mind.

I have collected all sorts of articles and information material over the years and warmed up my "maintenance skills" with various british cars, like Spitfire and TR6.

Finally last year I started to look for a Healey...Searching the web (especially mobile.de - a good choice for the German speaking guys)I found two I wanted to have a closer look at.

The first one a red 100/6 imported from South Africa years ago, seemed a bit "dangerous". Not driven in years, weathered seals and an engine that did not belong in this car (3000 MK III).

The second one was a beauty! Healey Blue! Everything original! Only 2 owners in almost 40 years. Both owned the car 20 years...The actual handover was not so easey, all interested parties were collected and then an "accessment center" decided on who would be allowed to buy. One could tell that the owner did not want to maximize the value, but to select someone, who loved the car as much as he did! So why did he want to sell the car? His own word were: I am 65 years now, my back aches and my belly grinds on the steering wheel!

As you can tell, I passed the examination and the Healey left his previous home (with a station wagon full of spare parts and documentation - it took me 3 days to catalogue them) and headed to his new home.

Since then, I had to do only minor repair and maintenance work. I enjoy every time, I turn the key and hear the engine(through sidepipes) come to life. Bit for bit I am preparing myself and the car for historic ralleying (I had the fun of participating in many European events, like Histo Monte, etc. before).

The most interesting story, was about the first owner of the car. In the documents I found a copy of the original US license. Googeling the web, I was suppriesed to find a lot of information about one person with the correct adress: Richard Lee Cormier, a flying ace, war hero and member of the Blue Angels! So, I am very lucky a great car, in great shape and a spotless and very interesting history!

I appreciate very much that this forum exists and I hope that many of the fine cars that were build through the time will be kept alive!

tony barnhill
06-22-2006, 10:31 AM
Welcome - I'll e in your neck of the woods next summer! Maybe we can "hoist a few"!

06-22-2006, 01:41 PM
Great story, I am likewise the third owner of my TR6. The last owner received it for a wedding aniversary present from his wife. Similar selection process.

Glad you are here with us!

06-26-2006, 10:05 AM
Welcome! Nice story about the history of your car (and I love that blue color too).