View Full Version : TR2/3/3A The continuing saga of my "Free TR3 Engine"

05-12-2006, 05:23 PM
I finally managed to get the rear crank shaft backet off the block. This thing has never been off since 1959 (would that be 47 years?). No amount of dead blow hammer strikes would move it. Finally, I rigged a bridge across the face of the block where the oil pan bolts up and slowly, over about half a day, cranked till it broke loose (yes, that is aloose down here). The crank looks pretty good. My big question is what is that shaft-looking device right below the cam opening that has several large bolts screwed into it along the body of the block? The ends show a shiny metal plug, like the ends of a shaft, but looking down into the galley, it seems to be hollow. Is this something to be removed? I want to strip the block clean so I can make it spotless before I bring it to a machine shop to check everything out (magnaflux the crank, check the head, etc.) There appears to be no slap in the pistons (with my micrometer vision) and no scarring on any of the bearing surfaces. This thing may yet be resurrected. My plan is to make it as perfect as I am capable and either find a body to go around it or have a really expensive coffee table.


05-13-2006, 06:14 PM
Yeh Bill I had a dentist straighten out a tooth like that once. Anyways, yes pull out those plugs. Some are oil gallery plugs and some are bolts to hold and center the cam bearing. The engine I am working on now I left the soft plug at the end of the oil gallery in and flushed out the oil/junk through those plugs. I left the end oil gallery pressed in plugs in place. I felt they had been in there with just oil on them and they look good. In addition, they do not look like the run of the mill soft plug and I was afraid it might leak if I replaced it with an after market goodie.