View Full Version : Spitfire 69 Spitfire for sale, new details

04-30-2006, 10:26 PM
I posted my 69 Spitfire for sale last week. It really needs a new home, so I'll try to make it more attractive. First of all, I'll lower the price, Second, If anyone in the "rust belt" is looking for a nice unrusty project, it will be easier. A friend will be travelling the I-80 corridor, headed for Detroit. He will haul the car for 50 cents/mile. This is about as cheap as it gets, especially with the skyrocketing gas prices. If you know someone that is looking for a spitfire, and you can sell the car, I'll pay a finders fee to you. Check out details of the car in the classified section. If any of this is of interest to you, email, PM or phone me (970-290-3791) to discuss details. I have a bunch more pictures I can email too.
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