View Full Version : TR6 Battery For a TR6

04-30-2006, 09:41 PM
I finally figured out why my TR6 won't start.
Turns out the battery is almost dead.
We're talking about a 6-1/2 year old Optima.
I paid $125 for it,expecting it to last a few years more.
I was told that it's no longer under warranty,so I don't think that they'll get a returning customer.
I think I'll go with a Caterpiller battery this time.
The problem is,I need to know the "Group Number" (size).
It's not on the Optima.

- Doug

05-01-2006, 09:23 AM
I don't have any ties with Optima but if you have a beautiful engine bay or a real collector car GO BACK WITH THE OPTIMA. The longevity you got was good at 6 years; not many lead acid batt's with that life. But most importantly, the optima does not spew an I have see show cars on judgment day with the batt over flowing because of regulator problems or what ever. On the other hand if you use a catch tub, you are probably OK.

05-01-2006, 06:13 PM
Hi Doug,

I'm also a fan of Optima. My last one in my Land Rover lasted just over 5 years and I was happy with that (the original Lucas batt only lasted 3 years, lots of power devices on a LR and a 110+ amp alternator, all hard on batteries... ).

I replaced with another Optima. While chatting with the guys at the store when buying it, one of them told me he'd had good luck several times fully draining the charge from an old Optima and then recharging it, to bring it back to life. I'm not 100% sure of the process he used and I dunno if that's worth a try on yours or not.

Plans are eventually my LR will have two Optimas, an extra one for a winch and off-road lighting. I also am considering using a pair of 6-volt Optima in my TR4, their small size would allow them to be easily relocated behind the driver's and passenger's seats. The other option for the TR4 is a single 12 volt in a small size (Group 51 or 54, I can't recall which), behind the passenger's seat. However, most smaller-size 12 volt batts have very limited cranking power capability and I also like the *sealed* Optima better, even though any in-cockpit installation will have to be inside a sealed battery box.

Anyway, there are other sealed batteries out there, if you wish and if you really don't want to use an Optima. (My main gripe about Optima is that they are very heavy).

My TR is a 4, not a 6, but I'm pretty sure you need a Group 24 size battery, whatever you go with.