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04-29-2006, 06:27 PM
I called Bob Greene at Cape Cod Powder Coating to ask if he could do a rush job for me while my TR6 was in the shop. I'm having my new headers and intake manifold installed along with a new T/C gasket and seal and pinion seal. I had the hood taken off at the body shop which will be getting the car after the engine work is done, then to do the under hood painting and new windshield and glass all around. So I decided to have the radiator braces and the front cross member coated in black while they were out, but needed a quick turn around, so I called Bob. My wife and I drove down to the Cape to drop them off yesterday afternoon and Bob called today to say they would be ready for pickup Tuesday morning as promised due to the fact that he's closed on Sunday & Monday. Great service and a discount for being a member of the Cape Cod British Car Club as well makes me a very satisfied customer.
While I was there, we saw a hood safety catch and spring that he coated in chrome powder that were beautiful, so my wife will be dropping that and the latch off when she picks up at he other parts Tuesday AM.
An added bonus was dinner with my wife at a nice seafood restaurant on the Cape after the drop off.
BTW, Bob is a Triumph owner (14 and counting!) and fan of British cars.
Here is his link: https://www.capecodpowdercoating.com/index.htm

05-02-2006, 06:41 PM
I picked up my powder coated parts today and they are just beautiful. What a great job and done on time as promised. Very refreshing that a business actually keeps their promises to a customer. I'll take the small guy who owns and manages his own shop any day. He'll get a lot more of my parts in the future.

05-02-2006, 06:58 PM
Any pictures? Nothing like seeing new powder coated parts! Even seeing just freshly painted parts is sweet.

05-02-2006, 07:16 PM
I was planning on posting before and after shots of my engine compartment with the new powder coated parts as soon as it's done. Maybe I should get a shot before they go in though. I've got to get a digital camera, but I hate to give up my Minolta 35mm.

05-03-2006, 09:53 AM
These are the parts that Bob did for me and they look great. Old digital camera that I borrowed is lousy, the parts do not look like they have orange blotches all over them.

MG runner
05-18-2006, 08:33 AM
Bob Greene of Cape Cod Powder Coating has a web site with pictures of a lot of his work - those pictures can be seen at:

Paul Hinchcliffe
Cape Cod British Car Club