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04-14-2006, 01:43 PM
I have been searching the history of all known Triumph Web Sources and Forums trying to identify a solution to replacing my Wheel Studs with Longer ones. Unfortunately, my research netted very little useable info as I really did not want to ream my hubs yet wanted something longer for use on my TR6/M3 project (using 15mm hubcentric spacers in the front and rear discs)to accommodate proper wheel off-set).

After checking with Dorman, ARP, Moroso, Mr Gasket, Jegs, Summit, etc., I found a set from ARP that was perfect requiring no modification. The TR6 stud has a knurl of 5.096 (measured a NOS one that I had) and ARP makes a set (part # 100-7708) that have a 5.090 knurl and 2.5" in length. The only downside is they are a 12mm metric thread so you will have to purchase lug nuts as well. They also made them in 3.25" lengths.

I just got them in last night and started the test fit on the front hubs. Indeed the 5.090 knurl still required a great deal of force to seat properly so my concerns of size went away. The rears were a little tricky to get in without taking apart the hub. I found that after unbolting the axle from the swing arm and sliding it out if I turned the carrier to just the right spot I could just push the stud in from behind up to the faying surface and lightly tap it the rest of the way down into the hole. Then I used several washers and a wheel nut upside down to pull them into their seated position. Cut them to the specific length I needed with a cut-off wheel and I'm all good (see pic attached).

Most of you probably don't need this info but I thought I'd throw out a posting just in case anybody does a search on this topic. Obviously, your mileage might vary.



04-14-2006, 05:54 PM
who made your bracket to mount the caliper on? BTW looks good

04-14-2006, 06:18 PM
That differential wouldn't happen to be from a Jaguar, would it? Man, that would be cool if it were.