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Mickey Richaud
04-07-2006, 08:03 AM
Well, if you squint, you can see progress!

Have stripped the interior (except for dash), and lots of bits and pieces in the trunk and under the hood; top's off; tail lights are removed. Today Brad Wilson, from Wedgeparts, is lending a hand (not to mention his experience) and the engine and trans are coming out today.

All this in preparation for paint, and I "might as well" rebuild the engine while it's out (needs refreshing anyway). New rings, bearings, valve job, mild cam.

Fun, fun, fun!


04-07-2006, 08:19 AM
Hello Mickey,
Sounds like fun! My friend Dave Hayden over in Erath, LA, is tackling his TR8 (his 8th or so restoration of LBC's). His is a hardtop. Dave has taken a different tack on his car. Most of his restorations have been to spec (except the TR3 that has a GT6 engine) but Dave has decided to "rewire" his TR8 to mimic more of a 60s muscle car, that is, he is eliminating all the Lucas wiring with it's circuit boards and relays to go staight heavy-duty V8 wiring with all systems working, but simple. One of the issues of the TR7 and 8 were the complicated wiring which Dave plans to improve upon. I am sure that he will be using various relays where appropriate and the dash will be the same. The plus side to doing it this way is simplicity. Dave is an experienced helicopter mechanic by trade and all his components will be top quality and laid out with fanatical neatness and quality. He even has access to high quality aircraft-grade wiring and a gadget to label individual wires. Should be fun. He has the engine compartment painted (disgustingly shiney) and has started to tear down the V8 for the rebuild.
I remember you posting a pic of your TR8. Geez, looked nice to me, guess the up close showed the need for a rebuild. Keep us posted with pics when you get closer.

Good luck.


Mickey Richaud
04-08-2006, 06:06 AM
Yep, pictures do lie, don't they? I could have left it alone and just driven it the way it was, but what fun is that?

In truth, the paint was pretty sad, and the interior faded. Even though it's a car with low miles, it was neglected for what seems to be quite a while. Found a couple of mouse nests, and what appeared to be the remains of one of the critters (EEEWWW!) up inside the dash near the clock.

Since I'm having it painted (same color - Poseidon Green), I want it all to match, so the engine had to come out. Compression was low anyway, so I'll rebuild it and spice it up a bit.

We got the engine and tranny out yesterday, and I'll spend most of today straightening up the shop. After I'm through cleaning up the engine bay and pulling the rest of the bits out of there, it will go in for paint, and the rest of the "might-as-wells".