View Full Version : Sebring-Diesel Audi

03-18-2006, 04:36 PM
Sebring is on right now (3/18)on Speed TV and the diesel Audi is leading (at 4:30 EST).

03-18-2006, 04:41 PM
I've been watching it, and am not surprised a bit at the Audi. During the development stage, they had to upgrade their chassis dyno, as it wouldn't handle the torque!
LeMans should prove to be interesting this year, eh?

03-18-2006, 04:45 PM
cool , wonder if it needs less fuel stops ?

or if set on kill like it is , does it use as much fuel as the petrol engines ?


03-18-2006, 05:38 PM
This is a great marketing tactic for Audi. They've already proven themselves with the R8, so they might as well try to improve their market share by pushing diesel.

Evidently, the R10 is extremely quiet, produces no diesel odor, puts less stress on the gearbox/clutch (fewer gear changes,) and gets much better gas mileage than the petrol engines.

03-18-2006, 06:21 PM
We shoulda been there, but "life" intervened. Pissah.

03-19-2006, 06:14 AM
The Audi diesel won......a history-making first for an oil-burner.

"Vettes won in GT1 (beating Aston-Martin) and Panoz won in GT2 so good results for American cars.

Good-looking Liz Halliday with the father and son Field-team won LMP2, making her the highest finishing woman ever.

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