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11-17-2002, 07:14 PM
Hi, can anyone recomend a good insurance company?

11-17-2002, 07:41 PM
I have all my cars at Citizens, they use independant agents and they pay good when you have a problem. What kind of insurance are you looking for? Classic car or ?

11-17-2002, 11:04 PM
yes I'm looking for insurance for the Midget.

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11-17-2002, 11:56 PM
any company will insure the midget. Classic car insurance usually requires the vehicle to be garaged and may limit the number of miles you are allowed to drive in a year. They also look very carefully at your driving record and in my case, they don't like you to have drivers under the age of 25.

tony barnhill
11-18-2002, 12:14 AM
Most any insurance company will insure it...I use USAA & just insure them as regular cars..I don't even put collision/comprehension on them, just enough liability insurance to cover the other guy's losses, medical in case anybody's hurt, & mandatory uninsured insurance...I can always build another MG

11-18-2002, 08:12 AM
and another and another and another.......

11-18-2002, 09:14 PM
I have JC Taylor (classic car insurance), which does limit your useage of the car somewhat; you're only supposed to be using the car for car show, car club, and public-event activities but they do "allow" you to use it for personal pleasure drives. They don't cover you for using the car as everyday transportation for commuting to work or school.

There is a 2500-mile/year cap but they specify there is no mileage limit on the policy (catch-22?)

My agreed-value policy sets be back about $125/year for $13k worth of coverage on the car itself plus all the liability coverage, etc.

State Farm said they'd be glad to insure the car with a "normal" policy, but requires a full professional appraisal of the car's value - but in return you do get the same daily coverage you get on a daily-driver.

11-19-2002, 08:05 AM
I am an insurnace agent. For classic car insurance I would recommend both JC Taylor and Haggerty. Both are very reasonable and good to deal with. Haggerty will allow more miles. Neither want you to use the car for your daily driver. If that is what you are looking for then your regular Ins. company should do the job.

11-19-2002, 12:08 PM
I just got a new policy from American Collectors Insurance (www.americancollectorins.com)My regular car insurance company (AIG) would not insure my 74B and refered me to American. They treated me real well and I pay less than $50 a year for full tort full coverage with the following provisions:
-Limited to 2500 miles per year (5000 miles available)
-must be stored in an locked garage
-cannot be driven by anyone with less than 10 years driving experience (sorry boys..it is Dad's toy)

I got a quote online and the application came a couple of days later...got the policy in other week and have been pleased.


11-19-2002, 10:29 PM
More about this on a previous thread here....


tony barnhill
11-20-2002, 12:57 AM
Guys, there's no reason that a 'regular' insurance company won't insure an MGB....its just a car...they're not expensive collectors to be treated with kid gloves--yet...they're drivers....USAA treats 'em just like my Mercedes 380SL...I tell 'em what I paid for it (or prove how much I have in it) if I want collision/comprehensive insurance--which I don't--& they insure em....other 'regular' insurance companies are the same! If you find one that won't insure it as a regular car, don't trust your econobox to them either!

...I wrecked an MGB once when I was a young Army officer (after MG had gone out of business)...not my fault, other guy assumed blame...my insurance company paid me $5,000 & sued the other guy's collision insurance for reimbursement...check printed within a few days of when the adjuster said, "yep, its totalled." Even let me keep the hulk!

11-20-2002, 01:22 AM
Unfortunately not all companies are the same.

Allstate, for example, will not give you full coverage based on any kind of value on older cars - in fact they flat refused to discuss the matter beyond giving liability (because of the age of the car).

State Farm will give just about anything you want, but based on a professional appraisal of the car.

I've shopped through a couple of other "brand name" insurers that operate in Florida and they all pointed me toward "collector car" insurance (again, except State Farm).

Maybe those examples are just a quirk of Florida insurance.

Collector-car insurance polices often have "agreed-value" policies whereby you can claim the value of the car, no matter what you paid for it (within reason - JC Taylor limits that to $20k). Many of those same companies even automatically increase the value of the policy yearly because of the nature of antique automobiles.

My MGB is a show car, and is driven primarily to shows, club meets, and the occasional evening drive. I wouldn't say it's a garage-queen, but it is keep covered, garaged, and dry. For this car the collector-car policy I have is an outstanding value, even with the few limits it has.

The low price is even more appealing for considering I'm already having to pay regular vehicle insurance on two other cars and an airplane.

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tony barnhill
11-20-2002, 09:52 AM
Guess that's the exciting difference between all of us & our cars...while all my cars are 'show quality', they're meant to be driven...&, I build them with that in mind...if I'm out in an MG & it rains---the MG gets wet right along with me! If I get hungry, I park it in the restaurant's lot & go eat! If I'm driving down the road & the wife wants to stop by the mall, hey--it fits between the white lines there also! Somebody hits one: I'm sad..but, its just a car so I pull anothero ut of the garage until that one can be repaired or replaced!

Heck, not long ago, I drove my '65 Midget on a clear, sunny morning...didn't get top out of trunk or even think about side curtains...went to lunch with a friend & it poured...when I got back to work, Midget was soaked...it dried out okay...will be in Christmas parade in a few weeks...

Heck, I've spent over 2 years & right at $10,000 building my wife a '70 GT from a stripped, blasted body up to where it is now (ready for engine installation)--no used parts anywhere that shows (exterior, interior, engine compartment even has all new nuts & screws!), everything is brand new...we're estimating it'll top $15,000 when finished, probably closer to $20....she's gonna use it as a 'grocery getter' on Saturdays...I'll put it in shows!

USAA insurance with no restrictions! Oh, it'll have collision/comprehensive....it & my V8 car!

11-20-2002, 10:53 AM
Perhaps you can enlighten us on what "USAA" is. The only "USAA" insurance references I can find point me to a company that offers insurance to active and former members of the military.

As I said, the insurance I have fits my needs perfectly, which is why I specified how I use my MGB, and for just over $100/year I can't complain.

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tony barnhill
11-20-2002, 11:47 AM
Yes, USAA is an insurance company that caters to active & former military officers & their families.

11-20-2002, 12:27 PM
Ah well, thanks for the info.

11-21-2002, 03:42 AM

Do you mean https://www.americancollectorsins.com/ (https://www.americancollectorsins.com/default.htm) ?


11-21-2002, 02:23 PM
Yep...that's the link for them...They were very good to work with on the phone and by email...and I got a $4000 agreed value policy ( with automatic appreciation and updating of value)with full coverage for $48.20 per year. I even opted for higher than minimum coverage and full tort options at that price.


11-30-2002, 04:06 AM
I use USAA on both of my cars. They are cheap considering HI has a no-fault clause. They are for Military and Retired Military only though.

11-30-2002, 03:54 PM
A warning tale here, this one may not neccesarily apply to an MG roadster situation value-wise, but anyway...

There's a guy in Alberta with a collection of Toyota Land Cruisers, including a number of the much rarer old station wagon models. He had a 1978 wagon and hit a deer with it while back in the bush, it took the front end of it out. I don't actually know what kind of insurance he carried, because I was just working as a basic grunt worker at the autobody shop at the time. But in his case the insurance company wrote of a perfectly fixable truck because the cost to fix was more than what the truck was worth, in their judgment. But to the collector the truck was worth more than that. Fortunately he was able to buy the truck from the company but had to pay for the repairs himself.

Just a tale of one situation... And a good point to consider regarding insurance on a collector vehicle.

12-28-2002, 08:52 AM
I have been using State Farm for many years for all my insurance needs they insure my B for a stated value that I had to have an appraisal for but I have had one act of vandalism were the car was keyed and the paid to have the entire car repainted and the top replaced. Another claim replaced the engine after I hit a brake shoe at about 70 mph on the interstate I have been more than pleased with thier service While it is not a bargain price policy I get what I pay for and I like it so I continue to pay


02-01-2003, 12:48 PM
<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by tony barnhill:
Guys, there's no reason that a 'regular' insurance company won't insure an MGB....its just a car...they're not expensive collectors to be treated with kid gloves--<hr></blockquote>

In some cases maybe, but what may be "just a car" to one person, may be a labor of love to another. I know that some people put a great deal of time and effort (and yes, even expense) into their cars and I fully understand why they would want to protect it accordingly. I know there are some members here who have show-winning cars with very expensive (by my standards) and flawless paint jobs and if I had their cars, I would indeed treat them with kid gloves. I know that when I finally finish the 10-year restoration of my EType, yes I will drive it, but I will also treat it "with kid gloves" because for me, it would be irreplacable. Just my 2 cents with change.
Basil graemlins/cowboy.gif

tony barnhill
02-01-2003, 12:55 PM
Basil...Many times people who don't know me misconstrue my statements...ALL MY MG's ARE SPECIAL TO ME--they're my children (when you come over you'll meet the lot)...however, when I take one out on the road I understand its already totalled (sort of like when I invest in the stock market, I assume that money's already lost) so I insure them appropriately....some of mine I've spent years & years restoring (heck, wait til you see the '70 GT on the rack) but they're still cars to be driven...so, I insure them that way...liability...but, just as I put my love into one, I can do with another...now, if my '79 that I bought new were totalled, I'd rebuild it regardless of the cost...
...my position is a bit different than most guys, however...I have all the partsI'll ever need to rebuild all my cars! 50 parts cars, 2 buildings full of loose parts & a second story of my garage packed chock full of parts designated for each car stored below them (nobody gets up there!)....so, an accident, while a loss, isn't devastating.....
,,,my insurance really is to protect the other cars not being driven from the errant lawsuit of the guy who hits me!

02-01-2003, 01:07 PM
<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by tony barnhill:
...my position is a bit different than most guys, however...I have all the partsI'll ever need to rebuild all my cars! &lt;snip&gt;<hr></blockquote>

Exactly - each person has to gauge their own situation for themselves. Your situation is certainly much different than mine. For me, for example, if I lost my EType after spending 10 years restoring it, I would be devistated beyond words. I insure it accordingly.

Basil graemlins/square.gif

PS: As a retired career officer myself, I use USAA also.

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Gary Lloyd
02-02-2003, 01:34 AM
I'm with you Basil!! They are a huuuuuge amount of work and I would hate to lose my 'B, but if it ever happened life would go on!! But I certainly don't expect that it will be totalled!! In B.C. we have no choice, our inurance is government run!! One of our stupid left wing ideas!! images/icons/confused.gif

02-03-2003, 05:10 PM
I would recommend Haggerty. I have a 73 Midget, and despite the fact I am only 23 years old, insurance was only $125 per year!

Super 7
02-03-2003, 05:27 PM
I have State Farm Mutual insuranece. My Seven, and one of the Cortinas are registered as classics. One has a declared value of $25000 dollars, the other $6000. One is $89 dollars per six months, the other $49 dollars per six months. I did not have to provide appraisals, but I did have to allow the agent inspect the cars, and take photos. I can only drive them 2000 miles each per year. They did not count the 450 mile drive from B. C. when I brought the Cortina home as part of the 2000 miles, though.

With my Motorcycle insurance, the Uninsured Motorist insurance is 3 times the liability coverage. The B. C. system of insurance / registration probably mitigates that to a degree. I wish there was some enforcement here to force people to insure their cars.

Just my 2 cents.

02-03-2003, 09:00 PM
Super-7: Where/what state are you insured in? Just curious. My coverage is about the same, the mileage cap is variable (you just pay more if you add a couple thousand miles).

If you register a car in Florida you're required to show proof of insurance (that might be true when you get a drivers license renewed too, I can't remember). Unfortunately that doesn't prevent people who have had their licenses revoked or suspended from driving illegally, then causing an accident. It happens all the time. Which is just another reason I have good comprehensive insurance on my vehicles; seems pretty stupid not to.

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02-04-2003, 04:50 AM
I have to agree with Gary, our government run insurance company is a nightmare to deal with. I had the misfortune of having aviation orange paint carried by the wind? onto my MG. I drove to the adjuster, and he informed me it wasn't covered,as the paint wasn't new enough to justify their cost. Their depreciation on the paint, was worse than driving a new car off of a car lot. If you live in B.C. and get your car painted, you need to take the receipt immediatley to ICBC to justify costs etc. So now I have to find a paint cutter(polish) to remove all the spots. Unfortunately I haven't found any way to win this arguement with ICBC. Any ideas on a good cut polish would certainly be appreciated. graemlins/cowboy.gif

tony barnhill
02-04-2003, 11:02 AM
&, USAA knows the appraised value of all my cars in case the other guy smacks me...however, there's no limit on how many miles I can drive or where/when I can drive them because they're insured just like my '92 Sonoma pickup....if I total it, I've gotta buy another...if Gary smacks me, he'll be paying for repairs or replacement!
..&, my daughter is my lawyer if somebody messes with one of my MG's!

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02-04-2003, 05:37 PM
<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by tony barnhill:
&, USAA knows the appraised value of all my cars in case the other guy smacks me...however, there's no limit on how many miles I can drive or where/when I can drive them because they're insured just like my '92 Sonoma pickup....if I total it, I've gotta buy another...if Gary smacks me, he'll be paying for repairs or replacement!
..&, my daughter is my lawyer if somebody messes with one of my MG's!


While I'm not quite sure I understand how your "liabilty" insurance works it is somewhat admirable that you are willing to rebuild your vehicles at any personal cost.

However, I and many others here are in the position neither financially nor mentally to see our cars be destroyed without insurance that will cover our investments from total destruction. Destruction that may occur from any number of ways, not just a simple fender-bender.

I will furthermore comment that this started as a question about what insurance is available, not a debate or brag session about who can drive what car when and how far. We each have our very valid reasons for chosing the insurance coverages we have.

This is the conclusion of that discussion.

In short I think we've answered the original question about insuring the Midget. There are several companies willing to insure the vehicle, many of which have been named here. Some offer low priced collector-car insurance with the limitations and benefits those policies typically offer. Some companies have full coverage unlimited mileage policies with few limitations at higher costs, while still other companies will insure based on liability coverage only.