View Full Version : LH OD Problems resolved

11-12-2001, 08:42 PM
FYI update from my last Overdrive problem posting:

I've had a problem with my '77 LH-OD transmission OD slipping OUT of overdrive in some gears after it had been driven 20 or so miles.

Based on some information and suggestions off the net I took Sunday and drained the oil out, pulled the oil screen out of the sump and pulled the solenoid and associated valve equipment from the transmission - cleaned everything up really well with fuel, replaced the O-Rings on the overdrive solenoid, reassembled the valve with a new ball in the valve and buttoned it all up... replaced the gasket/screen on the sump and tightened the cover.

There isn't much information around on what brand/kind of oil to use in the transmission. Everyone knows 20w50 engine oil is the recommendation (with a few people making changes), but a lot of folks imply that you need non-detergant straight 20w50. Well now I just couldn't find anything except modern engine oil and settled on and topped off with Castrol GTX 20w50.

Today: drove the car into town and back (the long way, along the river, top down... man it was perfect), put about 70 miles on it. No slipping at all - zero - nodda - absolutely perfect.

Fingers crossed that it will last more than a few thousand miles. Considering I only drive the car 2500-3000 a year at the most this might be a yearly maintenance item.

11-12-2001, 11:37 PM
Congratulations! Its great when you solve a problem and it turns out to be easy (I may be making an assumption that it was easy LOL). Let us know in a week if it still holding up.


Kim de B
11-13-2001, 12:29 AM

Is your OD tranny a side fill? Where (exactly) do you access the dip stick/filler hole for that?

(I know, I know, I should have stuck my head under there and checked it by now...)