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Bruce Bowker
04-20-2004, 08:07 PM
Andy - I visited Caterham around 1977 to look at the cars. Can't remember much about the "factory" but have always wanted one since 1964 when I saw one at what was then called a Gymkana and they were Lotus. Anyhow now I have one (Caterham).
Perhaps the most fun car to drive.

Always nice to know of sources for any parts.

Sorry but what are "blats"?

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04-21-2004, 01:10 AM

Wish I had a Caterham I had to buy spares for...

But it's my favourite sports car, whether a real Lotus version, a Caterham version, or a well-done kit car.

Some day...

04-21-2004, 02:18 AM
Going for a 'Blat' is going for a drive, but an enthusiastic drive where the purpose is simply to enjoy the driving.

Have a look at our forum at www.blatchat.com (https://www.blatchat.com)

There you will find REAL experts in Caterhams unlike me who is still learning all the time


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04-21-2004, 03:29 AM
Just found your forum website whilst google searching for advice on changing the trunions on my Caterham Seven.

Thought I would make an offer to anyone that might want or need it.

I live approximately 6 miles from Caterham (which is a town in Surrey near London where the car company are based) there are loads of Caterham drivers around here and a very active club with regular meetings and 'blats'.

So anyway, if anyone is struggling to find a particular part for their Caterham in the States then drop me an email and I will see if I can source it over here for you.

Forgive me if you guys already have an established supply network, it is just an offer from one fan to another.



04-21-2004, 07:44 AM
Here's a chap that's in my neighborhood, I think he's a Caterham dealer. Also races on a regular basis: https://www.gt-classics.com/

If he doesn't provide Caterham parts, he'll know who can help you.

Good luck!

04-21-2004, 09:16 AM
I was just in that area (Pryford) last summer and didn't realize that Caterham was so close until I got back. Then my Dad casually mentioned. Argh. I understand McLaren is close by too.