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12-31-2003, 12:19 AM
Elise to Arrive in U.S. in May 2004

Lotus has confirmed its plan to export the Elise to the American market in May 2005. The Elise is the first new Lotus for North America since the debut of the 1990 Elan. The Esprit V-8 debuted in 1996 and the last batch of less than 100 cars will still be available next year.
With the Elise the British marque hopes to attract longtime Lotus enthusiasts. This model went on sale in Europe in 1996 as the twin brother of the Speedster, from GM's European Opel division. More than 17,000 units have been sold since.

The Elise uses a Toyota 1.8-liter in-line four engine with 190 hp and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. It reaches a top of 150 mph. The engine works together with a six-speed manual gearbox.

The car will be priced at $39,985. U.S. buyers have the possibility to customize the Elise with a Touring pack for $1350, which includes among others leather seats, power windows, an upgraded audiosystem, a double insulated soft top and additional sound damping. Also available is a Sports Pack ($2480) with larger aluminium wheels, a track tuned suspension and specific Yokohama tyres. A hard top will be available for $1475.

Lotus Cars USA hopes to sell 2400 Elises on an annual basis through its 38 dealers in 29 major U.S. markets. -Henny Hemmes

Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata Gets 178 HP

Today Mazda unveiled the Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is the tenth new model for Mazda in 12 months. The Mazdaspeed Miata has 1500 different parts compared to the base version. Under the hood is the well-known 1.8-liter engine that got revised heads and the assistance of a turbocharger to generate 178 hp at 6000 rpm, up 25 percent from the normally aspirated Miata. New is the use of ball bearings instead of floating bearings for the turbo.

The turbo engine generates 166 lb-ft of torque at 4500 rpm (up 33 percent) and is teamed to a six-speed stick shift transmission. Furthermore this Miata has a different differential and a tuned suspension. The car has been lowered 7 mm and uses 17-inch wheels and high-performance Toyo tires.

A new front fascia, rear lid spoiler and a new diffuser mark the exterior. The two-tone cloth interior, a new instrument cluster and center stack are the most significant interior changes.
The Mazdaspeed Miata will go on sale in the spring and is priced at $25,500 with cloth interior and $26,200 with a leather interior. -Henny Hemmes

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Elise to Arrive in U.S. in May 2004


Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata Gets 178 HP

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The Elise is an awesome litte car. I would love to see one (test drive would be nice)

As for the 178HP Miata, I hope it is a true 178 this time! When they announced the "new " Miata for 01 had 150 HP, it was later proven that it was not 150HP. Mazda ende up having to offer certain buyers their money back of they wanted it. (I didn't car if it was 150HP - if I want face ripping g-forces I just jump in the C5)


12-31-2003, 09:11 AM
I've seen the Elise...it's a neat car. A local fellow drives one to NJ car shows with "antique" plates. (don't ask!). But it's close to double the price of a Toyota MR2: a car that shares the same engine and basic layout. If I liked the mid-engine concept, I'd buy a Mister-Two.
We also have two Lotus Exiges that run at our track days (they both have full street equipment, but can only be used on the track, since they're not Federalized). Even cooler than the Elise.
The 178 HP Miata would be neat. They've been selling a Japanese-only version for some time with similar HP.
The debacle of the 2001 Miata (with an untrue, but advertised 155 HP) turned out to be a good deal for me. I was car-shopping at the time and Mazda was awash with returned 2001 Miatas and leftover 2000 cars (people wouldn't buy the 2000...they were waiting for the more powerful car). I ended up buying my new 2000 model for $17,300 USD and I could have gotten a used, returned '01 for even less. They also had several new 2000 automatics for under $16,500 at the time.
In the end, the 2000 Miata has 140 HP. The 2001 car has 142 HP.

12-31-2003, 10:08 AM
Sounds like a killer deal on those Miatas!

If fact ..I remember buying a New miata back in dec. 1992 fully loaded for what I always thought was a great deal..$17,400..

Seems like almost 10 years later with all the updates you bought a new one for just about the same price..

Who says there's inflation?

Thats an amazing story on the price you paid in 2001......

As far as the New Elise? I love it..I really think this car is totally amazing..

If I didn't have a sports car already..I'd be seriously thinking of this "best of the best"!

https://autoshow.edmunds.com/news/autoshow/articles/100915/page 011.html?articleid=100915&pagenum=12&action=photos (https://autoshow.edmunds.com/news/autoshow/articles/100915/page011.html?articleid=100915&pagenum=12&action=photos)

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