View Full Version : Master Cylinder

11-11-2005, 08:57 PM
Well now that the car is started, time to move on tot the other problems. If I understand the manual. I have to remove part of the front passenger compartment to get to the master cylinder? Is that correct? What I pain to check the level if that is the case. Would the brake servo's be located there as well? I have a ealry TC. I have a 7202 meaning manufactured in Feb of 72 if I understand correctly. I understand on the ealry TC's the piston caliper's are smaller? Is that right?

I neeed to rebuild the brakes. I pushed on the brake pedal and the seized up in the brake on position. I assume that it is the MC causing the problem and it now stuck in the closed position. Do these get resleeved like my Austin Healey or do you just buy a new one. I have mine resleeved in brass to help it with modern brake fluid. Any suggestions on where other sent their's?