View Full Version : One of my carbs is hanging up.. and lots of smoke!

12-13-2002, 03:23 AM
I had my brother out for a spin in the car this week. I just put on a set of carbs I rebuilt a few years ago and were in storage.. That pretty much cured a rough running condition I have been fighting with for a while, and they are not even balanced yet.. But the front one is hanging up most of the time so my idle is about 3500 rpm till you push the carb linkage closed..

I think i am going to replace the throttle shaft bearings, which I did not do last time they were apart.. As well as First I will try recentering the throttle plates again..

Does anybody know where to find the bearings for the shafts? Is there an industrial beariong or something which will serve the purpose?

The lots of smoke part was my headlamp plastic vacume hose melting on my header wrap..Oops..
There was so much smoke that we literally couldn't see the car for a while.. I should have taken a picture so that you could all laugh at me.