View Full Version : Jacking points and jack stand placement on Europa

10-22-2005, 07:04 AM
Thanks for the help. I have a question in regards to the jack stands
and jacking the car. Given then nature of the construction of the
car, the manual states to jack in the rear arch's of the wheel
wells. Both front and back of the car. I have a pump style jack on
use on my healey. If I understand the construction of the car, there
is no frame of the backbone at the rear of the wheel arches in both
the front and the rear of the car. Will that stress the panels and
create crazing in the panels? Is this the safe way? Where would
everyone recommend I jack the car from?

Additionally, can I put the jack stands on the rearbar that goes
across the engine compartment? Will that have enough strength for me
to do some brake work? The brakes are locked up on the car.

On the front of the car, where would I put the jack stands?

I have the traditional jack stands that have a "u" shape to them. I
have padded them with some carpet though. I want to make sure that I
don't bend the backbone or create anymore crazing in the panels of
the car.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

10-22-2005, 06:54 PM
FWIW: I'd start with the rear ("Heavy end"), but: The front of the car can be lifted with a floor jack and a wood "spar" the length of the front frame crossmember (less the jackstand tops), so you can position the stands at the ends of the crossmember. I've always had access to a lift, so the rear is a puzzle to me. Just remember you need to spread the load so as to NOT damage the frame or break 'glas. The rear radius arms are fairly strong, but bringing the butt-end up uniformly far enough to get stands under the hub carriers seems a problem. I'd suggest a stout piece of 2x4 to spread load across a point as close as possible to the apex where the wishbone meets the center frame box section.

Starting with the rear and one side at a time using WIDE pieces of wood under the tires, and the swing arms (wood "interface" here too) as jacking point to get the car to a height where the jack will go underneath the center seems to me to be a safe way to approach it. Doubtless there are folk in here who've needed to do this so I'll be interested to see how they accomplished it.