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Frank Canale
07-08-2019, 11:03 PM
It has amazed me that there is a vast amount of knowledge being shared for the betterment of other enthusiast and there cars. Thank you for all the help!! I was following the thread about the TR6 transmission in the TR3 by Got_all_4, and decided to go take a look at my transmission. I got 2 transmissions with the car. The one in the car has STANPART no 3 on the left side and 304692sm stamped on the right side. This transmission does not have the dipstick to check and fill the trans oil level. The spare transmission has TS21350 stamped on the left side and 301039 cast on the case below the top cover plate. The spare transmission has the dipstick. I do not have any idea which transmission or if either one is original. The transmission cover is what I was going to start repairing. The mounting flange needs a little work but not bad. My concern is that it has three holes in the top plus the hole for the shifter and one cutout in the right side. One of the holes has a home made piece of sheetmetal screwed to it, the other two have the remains of where there was duct tape. Do I have the correct cover and are the holes correct or have they been added by the PO. Frank

Graham H
07-09-2019, 07:32 AM
The one at the rear should have a rubber plug and is used to get access to grease the front uni joint the two at the front, one could have been for the dipstick and top oil filler the other is any ones guess


07-09-2019, 09:18 AM
Frank, it would help (me) if you would put your commission number in your signature, or mention it in your posts.

The dipstick was deleted at TS50001, so that is (probably) a later transmission. I say "probably" because it's quite possible to swap the covers around (I have a dipstick cover on a TR6 box).

I think the two largish holes towards the front on your tunnel have been added, possibly for access to the overdrive switches on the top cover. I could be mistaken, but neither one looks quite right for the dipstick hole, to me. Also, the tunnels without the dipstick hole have a larger bulge to fit around the starter bulge on the gearbox, which also got larger at TS50001. And it looks to me like you have the larger bulge.

The small hole near the front is for the battery box drain, and is original. Big hole near the back is also original and should have a rubber plug in it.

The cutout on the side is original, and is normally covered by the handbrake boot. On cars with overdrive, the speedo cable comes up through the floor (in the handbrake hole) and goes through that cutout to the OD. But the cutout is present even on non-OD cars.

Frank Canale
07-09-2019, 10:03 AM
Hi Randall, thank you for the tip about my signature. I will take care of that this evening, not having any luck trying to add it using my phone. Commission # is 61324. I suspect that the PO bought this car for the OD transmission. There is an overdrive switch in with misc parts. His TR3A has an OD transmission in it and I ended up with all his regular transmissions. . My car did not originally come with an OD trans but I think at some point one was swapped but not sure what has been done over the years. As always thank you for your help. Frank

07-09-2019, 10:51 AM
Frank these are pictures of tr3 tunnel covers showing mostly the difference in the bulge size for the starters. If you look close you can kinda see a dip stick hole on the right. Like Randall stated the one with the big bulge will not have the dip stick hole because they changed starters at the same time. If you need the exact hole placement for the dipstick in a later cover I will get it for you. I think those 2 big holes on the top of your cover are there for something other than the dip stick, but might work because there are 2, but gona be fiddly. Again like Randall suggested probably the OD switches. The metal covers are getting difficult to find, but there is a guy in Vancouver BC in Canada C-list that has had one for sale for a while and Marv might have something if the holes are an issue for you . love that bracket