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10-09-2018, 01:59 PM
Changing tacks on my 1975 Midget and have a ton of parts I'm looking to sell. I'm sure this list isn't complete, so if there's anything you're looking for that's not listed, just ask.

- Complete 1500 engine block and head. Ran when removed, had low oil pressure due to crank wear.
- Two Weber 32/36 DGV Carburetors w/ Electric Choke
- Weber DGV intake manifold for 1500 motor
- Weber DGV intake manifold for A series motor (New)
- PaceSetter exhaust manifold.
- Standard bore 9:1 euro-spec pistons (New) - SOLD
- Starter
- Alternator
- Pertronix Flame Thrower Electronic Distributor
- Front and rear rubber bumpers
- 4 speed transmission
- Tachometer
- Speedometer
- Dual oil pressure/temp gauge - SOLD
- New Custom Speedhut Speedometer and Tachometer
- Hood - rust on front lip, but otherwise in good shape
- Hood, excellent condition, no rust
- Passenger side fender - needs work, as it was repaired from a previous accident
- Passenger side fender, good condition
- Driver's side fender, good condition
- Dashboard w/ repair kit
- Convertible top frame with top, top in like-new condition
- Tonneau
- Windshield with frame
- Steering wheel
- Front/Rear Shocks
- Front Springs
- New Black Interior Panel Set
- Original Autumn Leaf Interior Panels
- Radiator
- Heater core/box with fan
- A arms
- Trunk lid
- Sway bar
- 4 Brand new Minilite wheels with new tires
- 5 Rostyle wheels with tires
- Driveshaft
- Rear axle
- Taillights
- Headlights
- Wiring harness
- Front hubs/brakes/kingpins
- Blower motor from earlier A series MG/Sprite
- New Ashley Hinton Grille
- Misc bolts, fasteners, locks/keys, etc.
- Harley Muffler
- Steering column
- Steering cowl
- Steering rack
- Front end lowering kit - SOLD
- Books - Factory Sprite Manual/Binder, Haynes Repair Manual, Haynes Restoration Manual, David Vizard's A-Series Tuning Book

02-25-2019, 11:57 AM

What are you asking for the "Hood, excellent condition, no rust"?

Thanks for your reply, Al Nagy, Lititz, PA