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07-28-2018, 07:43 PM
Just got back to NC, where we keep a 99 jeep and a 59 TR3, after 9 mos away. For the second year in a row the jeep needed an idle air control. TR cranked up immediately after a few fuel pump lever strokes and runs perfectly.

07-30-2018, 10:55 AM
The simpler the machine, the fewer things to fail.

Mickey Richaud
07-30-2018, 11:02 AM
The simpler the machine, the fewer things to fail.

That's what I keep telling Janet...

...about me.

07-30-2018, 12:36 PM
I'm a fairly simple person meself. :smirk:

08-02-2018, 11:52 PM
I am always defending my old British cars saying how they are not nearly as bad reliability wise as people make them out to be. That being said the other day I was changing the plugs on my wife's Honda Fit which had an occasional hiccup, but wasn't throwing any codes that my cheap OBDII could read.

I was thinking what a bitch it was to change the plugs compared to my Triumph, then reflected upon 12 years of ownership and 80,000 miles on the Honda, and first time I had the plugs out or have done anything beyond brake pads, tires and fluids...